Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the masters programme Religion and Psychotherapy

For the study or single modules, students of the masters program Religion and Psychotherapy may receive a financial funding by the learning subsidy for in-service training program. The secretary’s office provides further information.

The expenses are calculated per Creditpoint (CP):

Modules with presence phases:                                              130€/CP

Master’s thesis and practice project:                                         60€/CP


Enrolment fee for each semester:  

up to 12CP/semester                                                                 65€/CP

more than 12CP/semester                                                       130€/CP


Example: degree program completed in 4 semesters

enrolment fee (for 4 semesters)                                                 520,00€


5 main-modules (a total of 30CP)                                            3.900,00€


3 courses for the specialisation class (a total of 12CP)         1.560,00€


master’s thesis (18CP)                                                              1.080,00€


total cost:                                                                                7.060,00€


The listed expenses include all study-related fees. Board and lodging while the presence phases are not included. The university’s guest house provides a reasonable and comfortible offer for board and lodging.If wanting to attend seperate modules, you have to pay administrative expenses of 65,00€ per module instead of the enrolment fee. The expenses for a qualification test amounts to 150€.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Henning Freund henning.freund (at)