Entrance requirements

Case No. 1: concerning applicants who already have a final degree

  • A minimum requirement is a final degree in one of the degree program’s reference disciplines with an overall grade better than B. Otherwise you have to pass a qualification test.
  • The degree program’s reference disciplines are theology, study of religion, psychology, medicine, social pedagogy and (religious) education. Under certain circumstances other final degrees may also find acceptance.
  • prior training or knowledge in psychotherapeutic procedures, advising or counselling
  • professional practice of at least 1 yer’s duration

Case N0. 2: concerning applicants with a completed vocational training, without any final degree

  • university entrance qualification
  • a completed vocational training and several years of professional in a corresponding employment. Vocational training and professional practice should be of scientific relevance to the masters program Religion and Psychotherapy (such as e.g. in the theological or religious educational, therapeutic pedagogical sphere or in the health sector)
  • passing a qualification test to prove your knowledge and competences in one of the degree program’s reference disciplines is equivalent to that of a bachelor’s graduate. The qualification test includes written composition and an oral examination.

Language requirements

  • minimum level: C1 German

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Henning Freund henning.freund (at)eh-tabor.de