M.A. Religion and Psychotherapy at the Protestant University TABOR in Marburg/Germany

The biennial degree program for further education is designed for all employed persons, who seek the integration of religiousness or spirituality and psychotherapy or counselling. The courses are conducted in german.

The degree program starts regularly in October, yet it is also possible to join up during the current semester.

Innovative: in psychotherapy the sensibility for the clients' spiritualitiy or religious orientation grew significantly through the past years. Psychotherapeutic possibilities to approach practical theology or counselling gained more importance as well. With its interdisciplinary dialogue conducted at an academical level the application-oriented master's programme represents an innovation in Germany. Interdisciplinary and face to face you'll study with psychotherapists, theologians, pedagogues, physicians and pastoral caregivers to evaluate the relevance of faith or spirituality in the therapeutic process and how to use this knowledge in praxis.

Substantiating and widening your professional practice: the sceintific deepening and the extension of your professional practice is the primary concern of the masters programme Religion and Psychotherapy. You'll gain knowledge of various disciplines: the psychology of religion, theology, counselling, psychotherapy and the religion-related cultural sciences. One topic of main interest is cross-cultural questioning.

The masters program Religion and Psychotherapy is accredited by the AQUAS e.V. and is scientifically supported and refined by the Marburger Institut für Religion und Psychotherapie at the Protestant University TABOR / Evangelische Hochschule TABOR.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Henning Freund henning.freund (at)eh-tabor.de